Have You Seen Me Lately?

I apologize for not being as active on my blog
Lately I find myself in a bit of a fog
I have to wonder if there is anything worse
Than finding myself as an unemployed nurse

Lost my job not due to any errors or slack
But while on the job I hurt my shoulder and back
Pain makes it hard to lift or bend
Not sure if I can hold my camera steady ever again

It’s getting harder and harder to sleep
The pile of bills gets more deep
Poetic words don’t easily flow
How long will the grief last, I just don’t know
Eat,pray,love and thanks for your understanding and support!

By Mary Anne Massaro. 2013

**Photos are just some of the art I used to love creating and selling on my shop: Pixandthecity on Etsy. These days I sell mostly vintage treasures due to my right arm injury.




About faengelina

I am a 50 something year old female born and raised in Brooklyn,NY. After an on the job injury in 2012 my life slowed down a bit I love poetry,fashion,music,food,angels,fairies,pixies and art. Please come in and make yourself at home.
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6 Responses to Have You Seen Me Lately?

  1. ksbeth says:

    sorry to read this, love your poem and love your art. hugs ) beth


  2. Ajaytao2010 says:

    How are you dear???
    how is your back pain
    did you start your job

    :Love Ajay


  3. Ajaytao2010 says:

    I Nominate you for A Christmas Bouquet – Awards – Ajaytao – 48 Nominations
    please choose any 3 awards out of the 48
    accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award



  4. faengelina says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination my friend,it is always heartfelt and appreciated,blessings and hugs, Mary Anne


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