Sad Sunday

Today is a very sad Sunday around the world.Here in NY it’s rainy and gloomy.There is a lot of sadness in the world today. The tragedy that occurred in Connecticut has broken so many hearts. We all feel different emotions at different times. Now I am not a therapist or a psychiatrist,but I have been a mental health nurse for over 20 years now. I know that it’s times like these where we
have to find ways to cope. We struggle with feelings of being helpless,feeling like we should be doing something right now. And all of the emotions are expected at a time like this. Each emotion should be acknowledged and you should know you are not crazy nor are you the only person going through it.And what can we do? Well whatever we can do,a prayer,a candle,calling a friend,donating to a cause. Feeling helpless is very difficult in times like these,use your faith or spirituality to lift you and guide you. And go slow today,take your time,pace yourself. Allow yourself
time to go through each feeling and thought so that you can move forward. Try not to take in too much information about terrorists or weapons or mentally I’ll people. Right now it is a time to grieve and find ways to cope with all the sadness and sense of loss. I find my love for sharing my posts about angels and guardians and spirits to be very therapeutic. I pray that they help you all too even if only in a small way. May God bless us all and give us strength and guidance in a time like this.



About faengelina

I am a 50 something year old female born and raised in Brooklyn,NY. After an on the job injury in 2012 my life slowed down a bit I love poetry,fashion,music,food,angels,fairies,pixies and art. Please come in and make yourself at home.
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