Spirits Of The Home

Whenever I watch the movie “Big Fish” I think of my dad. My father, God rest his soul,he was my hero. He saw life in a very special way and shared his thoughts on it in a very unusual way. My dad
loved to exaggerate.I mean you know how our parents would tell us how hard they had it back when they were kids. Well if your dad said he had to walk 5 miles to school in broken shoes, my dad had to walk 50 miles barefoot! I may never know how much of what dad told me was true of our life together other that which I experienced for myself. Like the house I was born in. The apartment building was on Conover Street in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. My father would tell us stories about the house being haunted. Now this was one tale that he hung onto dearly,even
inviting mom in to share in the details. Many nights at the dinner table were spent listening intently about the woman who roamed the house each night rattling chains. When we were finally old enough to ask,my brothers and I asked when the female ghost finally went away. Dad told us it cost him 30 bucks to have the priest come and exorcise her out of our home. I always wondered about this story until recently. An old friend shared with me this picture of the house I grew up in.
The picture was taken on Easter Sunday in 1964. It shows me and my older brother Tommyboy out on the front steps. Now my dear old friend was okay with me copying the photo,but I was not to keep the original as her mother wanted it back. Well no matter how many times I tried to copy the image without the shadow figure on the right,she would not go away. And so I will leave it at that!

The House I Grew Up In

More than a roof
Over my head
It’s where I was born
Where I was bred

Where I was loved
Where I was reared
And where at first angels
And spirits appeared!
Eat,pray,love and remember where you came from!



About faengelina

I am a 50 something year old female born and raised in Brooklyn,NY. After an on the job injury in 2012 my life slowed down a bit and I now live in Rhode Island>I love poetry,fashion,music,food,angels,fairies,pixies and art. Please come in and make yourself at home.
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