Everyday I’m Hustling

Last month I went into the city. I made it down to Union Square where I met some very interesting folks from the Occupy Union Square movement. It’s so amazing to see so many different people from so many different places. I talked to so many people from street artists to Hari Krishna supporters. One guy I found to be particularly interesting is this guy in the picture whom I will call Bill. Bill on this day was selling advice on any topic for 25 cents a pop. I stopped and talked with Bill who said that people relate better to strangers when it comes to their personal issues. Now you gotta hand it to Bill, he really was hustling. I mean he could have just done like so many others do on any given day in NYC and just asked for the quarter. But Bill chose to try to earn it. And for that I give him as we say props. And so if you are in Union Square and need a little advice or maybe someone to listen look for Bill and let’s hope that “The doctor is in”. Eat,pray,love and occupy!



About faengelina

I am a 50 something year old female born and raised in Brooklyn,NY. After an on the job injury in 2012 my life slowed down a bit and I now live in Rhode Island>I love poetry,fashion,music,food,angels,fairies,pixies and art. Please come in and make yourself at home.
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