The Power Of Believing

I saw this little smiling Buddha in the window and it made me stop and think. I remember years ago when I was working as a mental Heath nurse in California.I was working on a mobile crisis/mental health outreach nurse for seniors 60 years and older. One day I was called to evaluate a woman in her home for concerns that she was depressed and had thoughts of suicide. I met this woman who I will call Sadie who told me she was 86 years old. Sadie lived alone in her home and was a retired telephone operator. Sadie was very kind and receptive to my visit. She told me how she was sad. Sadie could not understand why she was not dead yet. Sadie it turns Out was the last survivor of her family. Sadie had seen the death of her parents, her siblings, and her spouse. Sadie had no children of her own and no contact with any living relatives. And so Sadie spent most of her time sitting alone in her thoughts waiting and wondering about her own death. I visited Sadie a couple of times. I helped her to connect with services in her community so That she would have more interaction with people outside her home. On my last home visit Sadie just before I left became nervous. When I asked Sadie why she was nervous she said she was afraid. You see one of the questions I asked her was about having any religious affiliation. I would always ask this because there are many faith based services in communities that I would link my Clients to to help them in their needs. Well Sadie answered no to this question. And thinking back on her answer it made her feel afraid. Death to her was the unknown and we all become anxious when it comes to the unknown. “do you think it’s too late to pray nurse?” Sadie asked. I told Sadie what I tell everyone. It’s never too late for faith. It does not matter what religion you practice or who you pray to. Sadie was doing just fine when I saw her about three weeks later at the community senior center. And I remember that when I stopped before this little Buddha there was a small ray of light dancing on top of his head. It was just like the little ray of light that was dancing on Sadie’s Brooch the last time I saw her!



About faengelina

I am a 50 something year old female born and raised in Brooklyn,NY. After an on the job injury in 2012 my life slowed down a bit and I now live in Rhode Island>I love poetry,fashion,music,food,angels,fairies,pixies and art. Please come in and make yourself at home.
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