Seeing The Light In The Dark

I stopped in front on an antique store in NYC the other day. This beautiful cherub lamp made me stop and think. I remember years back when I worked as a psychiatric nurse with adolescents. I had the privilege of working with a teenager who I will call Maya. Maya came under my care after she overdosed on Tylenol in an attempt to end her life. You see years before this Maya had thyroid surgery in her country. The surgery left Maya with a large scar across her neck. Maya spent a lot of her life here in the US trying to live as a normal teenager does. But Maya’s scar exposed her to a life full of being taunted and bullied. Maya shared with me how her nickname at school was the bride of Frankenstein. She shared how people would ask her about her scar and if she had failed at attempting to slice her own throat. It was a challenge for me to find the right words to comfort and encourage Maya,especially since I had 2 kids of my own. But I along with my team did the best we could for Maya and her family in the time we were allowed to be with her. And I can only hope that my support had a positive impact on her. And so for all the Maya’s in this world I write this poem as I stand before this lamp.

She may be worn
And somewhat tattered
But none of that really mattered
She still made me stop
At this window display
And admire her beauty
On this magical day


About faengelina

I am a 50 something year old female born and raised in Brooklyn,NY. I love angels,fairies,poetry,photography, health and beauty
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